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a fluctuating page ...
images that continue to inspire and intrigue me

"Handless Maiden"   sculpture "Nightmare"     (Photo) "The artist and model"      etching "Two men in a shower"   oil, canvas "I "Fall 2, Amsterdam"     movie photograph "Portait de Jaqueline ..."  etching "Still life by ..."   linoleum cut "La Minotauromachie"        etching stone carving "The two Frida "Frida & the miscarriage" drawing "Visito al pasado"  graphite. paper "Armonia"   oil on masonite collage Dali Atomicus    -    photograph "Ferret race"  oil on canvas "Night nursery ..."   oil, masonite "Chrysis"   oil on canvas "L "The break of dawn"    oil "Arcadian landsandscape"   oil "Il cittadino solitario" photo coll "Not to be reproduced"  oil "L "Aquis Submersus"       oil "Seated nude"    linocut "The enigma of the oracle"  oil "Death in the sickroom" oil, canvas "Puberty"      oil on canvas "selfportrait" pen & pencil, paper "Le Foyer"   monoprint "The nightmare"      oil painting 18th century   -    wooden statue "Eagle chained to a ground animal" "The wayfarer" oil on panel